164 years of Santa Vitória do Palmar

Headquarter city of Atlantic's largest wind farm

At 20 km from Chuí, bordering Uruguay, Santa Vitória do Palmar – RS is the southernmost city in Brazil and has about 30 thousand inhabitants. The city is a destination of ecotourism, sheltering one of the most important ecological reserves in the country. Santa Vitória also has beaches, dunes, waterfalls and exuberant fauna and flora. 

Besides the natural attractions, the city also has a great historical and cultural collection, many leisure options, among parties and events promoted by the city hall. 

Atlantic’s largest wind complex named Santa Vitória do Palmar, was inaugurated in the city in september of 2017. It has 207 MW of power in 69 state-of-the-art wind generators, distributed over 12 farms. The complex is distributed over an area of 10,424 hectares and has 3 substations. 21 km of transmission lines and 68 km of access roads were built. For two years, it has been generating energy for about 400,000 homes.

Thinking about social responsibility, Atlantic, together with the community, took part in several sustainable initiatives: stimulated healthy eating, organic agriculture and propagation of green ideas in the Municipal School Professor Oscar Machado; promoted solidarity actions such as “Natal Solidário” [Solidary Christmas] in Vila Jacinto neighborhood; and participated in events that discuss safety at work and good practices related to the International Day for Victims of Work Accidents and Professional Diseases, besides generating several economic opportunities for the city.

We congratulate Santa Vitória do Palmar for the 164 years and thank the whole community for the partnership and trust.