Atlantic celebrates World Water Day and reaffirms commitment to resources

Date offers reflection on habits and consumption

Source of vital energy, water is our planet´s greatest asset, so on march 22nd we celebrate World Water Day. Institutionalized by the UN in 1992, the date marks the creation of the “Universal Declaration of Water Rights”, a text that presents a series of measures, suggestions and information that aim to raise the ecological awareness of the population and governments regarding the use of water.  In addition to that, in 2000, the UN created the Objectives for Sustainable Development, a booklet with several goals to be extended until 2030 in order to bring more sustainability to Earth.

Atlantic Renewable Energies has been following this agenda and is doing its part regarding the sixth objective: “Ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all” by prioritizing sustainable use and also investing in projects on the subject. One of the initiatives that demonstrates this concern is the Rural Sanitation Program, which benefits communities neighboring the Morrinhos complex in Campo Formoso.

Since 2018, the company has been installing ecophossa and compounding systems in the region. The goal of the action is to bring sanitation and, with it, a better quality of life for the residents. In all, 300 ecophossa systems and 177 compounding plants were delivered, benefiting more than 23 communities.

“The water used to come out dirty and we didn’t use it for anything. Now, everything you plant grows”, celebrates the resident of Queimada da Laje, Edeflausio Santo, who uses the water reused in his plantations and, like the other rural producers benefited, already enjoys the increase of his family income.

Home compounding reduces about 50% of waste going to landfills. Adding this technique to the sewage treatment, Atlantic’s initiative benefits, in addition to the residents of the rural area, the preservation of the planet’s water resources.