Atlantic leads I-REC emissions in Brazil

Result shows high performance of the ventures

When it comes to the commercialization of International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs), Atlantic Energias Renováveis is recognized as a pioneer. It was one of the first companies in the country to guarantee the I-REC Brazil certification in its enterprises. 

Atlantic currently has 28 certified wind power plants and, in 2019 alone, issued approximately 1.6 million I-RECs. Among these, more than 1.2 million were sold in the same year, generating a gross revenue close to 1.5 million reais, with net profits around 700 thousand reais. The data is registered in the November report of the company’s Energy Trading Report. 

The consumption of energy from proven renewable sources has become essential in Brazil. According to a survey by Instituto Totum, the organization responsible for the local emission of RECs in the country, the number of projects capable of emitting I-RECs in Brazil more than doubled from 2018 to 2019, rising from 50 to 106 plants. 

Altogether, around 2.1 million I-RECs were generated in the national territory last year and it shows Atlantic’s participation in more than half of the emissions. The company now leads the ranking of the largest I-RECs generators in the country in 2019, issuing 5 times more than the second place, which generated about 200,000 certificates.

With vertiginous growth in the market for the trading of I-RECs in the country, Atlantic conquers a relevant position as leader in the amount of energy in the plant and also in the number of I-RECs issued. This level was built due to the excellent performance and quality of its undertakings in operation.