Atlantic reinforces commitment to sustainable development

Company received recognition for good practices in 2019

Dia Nacional da Conscientização sobre as Mudanças Climáticas

Brazil’s National Climate Change Awareness Day is celebrated on Monday 16th amid alarming growth in the amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs), the main reason for the increase in temperature on Earth. Within this context, it is important to highlight the fundamental role Atlantic has been playing for environmental preservation. 

The projects supported and carried out by the company are aligned with goal number 13 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which encourages action to combat climate change and its impacts. The company’s programs for environmental control, water and soil resources, biodiversity, reforestation of native forests, together with monitoring and protection of fauna, control of plant suppression, prevention of climate change, environmental supervision and management, management of effluents, solid waste and atmospheric emissions and environmental emergencies reinforce Atlantic’s commitment to sustainable development.

During the past year, the company has been recognized by winning the Silver Seal in the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program. The result of 2019 was a 23% reduction in GHG emissions, which corresponds to a curtailment of 3100 tons of carbon dioxide (CO₂) going into the atmosphere. Another achievement was the Environmental Highlight Certificate – Green Seal, awarded by Jornal do Meio Ambiente do Estado de São Paulo for good sustainable practices. 

For 2020, Atlantic’s goal is to win the Gold Seal in the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program and further strengthen its commitment to the environment.