The achievement of Renewable Energy Certification in the Eurus II, Renascença V and Morrinhos Wind Farms is a milestone for Atlantic and definitively proves the company’s sustainable soul. In addition to producing clean and certified energy, it now shares sustainability and helps other companies earn Renewable Energy Certificates , contribute to the environment, add value to the brand and collaborate with social projects.

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does not pollute


takes care of people


adds value
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Atlantic is pioneer in donating part of the value of the sale of Renewable Energy Certificates to the surrounding communities of its wind farms

One of the pillars of the AmbientAR Cycle is to promote the development of the cleanest energy that exists, without any pollutant gases or waste, and without emission of any greenhouse gases (GHG)

Partner companies that acquire Renewable Energy Certificates help the environment and strengthen the brand. A clear demonstration of concern about sustainability

What is the importance of Certification?

With the Certification of Renewable Energy, Atlantic reinforces the commitment to the sustainable practices of the market of energy generated from renewable sources. To earn it, the company follows strict standards audited by ABS Quality Evaluations. The Totum Institute​ is responsible for granting Certification and qualifying the company as a venture that uses renewable sources and cutting-edge technology with high environmental,​ social and economic​ performance.

The Certification is an initiative of the Brazilian Association of Wind Energy​ (ABEEólica), the Brazilian Association of Clean Energy​ (Abragel) and the Electric Energy Trading Chamber​ (CCEE).

Instituto Totum
Associação Brasileira de Energia Eólica
Associação Brasileira de Geração de Energia Limpa
Energias Renováveis
Energias Renováveis


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Is the amount of energy generated in the certified parks and that will be converted into Renewable Energy Certificates for sale

Over 1 million

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Renewable Energy Certificates are available to those who wish to encourage the promotion of renewable energy and participate in the AmbientAR Cycle

Be part of the AmbientAR Cycle

By acquiring Atlantic’s Renewable Energy Certificates, in addition to adding value to the brand, companies contribute to improving the environment and help countless social projects.

Atlantic Energias Renováveis is 100% controlled by UK investment fund Actis.