CGN has a partnered effort to reduce impacts against coronavirus

Action with BNDES and UNICEF brings hygiene kits and food baskets for the most vulnerable families

CGN Brazil Energy (CGNBE) is UNICEF’s newest partner in Brazil in association with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). The partnership consists in the donation of financial resources to UNICEF, which is working with measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus and also to reduce the impact of the pandemic for the most vulnerable families. The donation was turned into more than 5,000 hygiene kits and food baskets, distributed to around 11,000 people in the cities of Fortaleza, Recife and Salvador.

The project seeks to minimize the social impacts of Covid-19 in low-income urban areas, in this period of sanitary emergency, through the distribution of kits with basic hygiene supplies – soap, liquid detergent, hand sanitizer and sanitary water – and food baskets for the families who need them most. As part of the awareness-raising, leaflets with information on how to protect yourself from Covid-19 and care for the health and well-being of families are also provided with the kits.

According to Bruno Kimio Koga, Company’s Sustainability Analyst, CGNBE understands the gravity of the situation and believes in the importance of contributing to the country’s efforts to combat the new coronavirus. “We understand that this UNICEF project aims to contribute to the places that most need support”.

The company also offers other health-related programs such as Rural Sanitation associated with Productive Yards, also running with resources from the Social Subcredit of BNDES (Morrinhos Complex). CGNBE believes that the contribution and support to projects such as these help to create a better country.