CGN reinforces company values in Brazil

Safety, quality and excellence guide the company's actions

Doing Things Right In One Go” is the basic principle that has driven the CGN group since it entered the Brazilian market in 2019. To put this concept into practice, the company has relied on three pillars that guide its actions: safety, quality and excellence. 

According to the president and CEO, Zhang Songlin, while pursuing corporate growth, CGN focuses on sustainable development with social responsibility. The idea is to take this mission to Latin American market: “Based in Brazil, we will cultivate the clean energy market in Latin America by strengthening cooperation and also promoting intercultural communication and local development,” announces Songlin. 

Brazil is currently China’s largest trading partner in South America. The high-level economic cooperation relationship between the two countries is mutually beneficial and a motive force behind the development of the bilateral relationship.  

Expanding its clean energy business from Brazil to neighboring countries poses a major challenge, but above all, it is part of the CGN group’s commitment to fulfill its social responsibilities in South America.

The company takes to heart its mission in the development of clean and sustainable energy, and has committed itself to benefit humanity with its actions.