Enviroment and social development

Atlantic Renewable Energy deals with sustainable development as an indispensable element of its business strategy. Both the company and the production growth are only valid when combined with actions that reduce environmental impact and promote integration with the community as well as well-being.

Besides complying with all environmental requirements demanded by licensing organs, Atlantic’s investments in a clean energy matrix spare natural resources and bring development to Brazil’s regions that have a low HDI (Human Development Index).

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Atlantic constantly develops programs that assure the monitoring and mitigation of environmental impacts in projects that are in implementation phase as well as in the ones that are already in operation. These are some of the actions developed:

  • Water monitoring
  • Effluent monitoring
  • Local fauna and flora monitoring in dry and raining seasons
  • Highway monitoring
  • Constant noise measurement
  • Solid waste management
  • Collective effort to clean areas around the parks
  • Education on environmental issues in local schools
  • Training in licensing and environmental education for collaborators
  • Recovery of degraded areas

Social development


Social development promoted by Atlantic in regions where its activities have direct impact in the life of the company’s collaborators, from nearby communities to local landowners.

Workshops and lectures are part of the environmental education that Atlantic promotes in Areas of Direct Influence (ADI) around its wind parks. Among its activities are the promotion of the correct disposal of domestic waste in a program called Descarte Legal, education on healthcare, historic appreciation of the cities and theater workshops about environmental issues.

Atlantic also develops constant social communication programs, in which the company aims to narrow its relationship with communities around its parks and clarify doubts on its operations and impact, besides complying with licensing obligations.

Actions focused on environmental education in local schools are also part of the units daily routine, as well as periodic relationship, communication and education activities aimed at landowners.

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