Ao Som do Vento

ao-som-ventoIn all enterprises, Atlantic aims to raise the local communities’ awareness on the steps of implementation and operation. In communities around Morrinhos Wind Complex, in Bahia, the company realized that most residents had no access to written information. However, almost everyone had the habit of listening to the radio – except the ones that did not own a device.

Atlantic, in partnership with Marrikah consulting firm, created a radio show called Ao Som do Vento. Since 2012, the program broadcasts information and educates the local community in the city’s most popular station: 98 FM Nuporanga. Almost a hundred radio sets were raffled among local residents in order to supply the demand of people that did not own a device.

The program broadcasts five daily pieces of information, bringing relevant content to the community not only about education but also about positive and negative impacts triggered by Atlantic’s works as well as programs developed to mitigate or maximize these impacts.

The show is a success, and that inspired Atlantic to create a similar program in Santa Vitoria do Palmar, in Rio Grande do Sul. There, Radio America FM 90.3 broadcasts six daily insertions, from Monday to Saturday.

Among the themes discussed are the concept of environmental licensing, its steps, and the importance of wind energy and of building a wind farm in that area. The shows also bring information about health and talk about the importance of recycling and of local historic appreciation. In both cities, people’s response to these shows was extremely positive.