Sustainability Management System

Atlantic’s Sustainability Management System is comprised of policies and procedures concerning Health and Workplace Safety, Environment and Relations with Stakeholders. Its goal is to promote continuous improvement of the company’s social and environmental performance, managing risks and social and environmental impacts related to the operation of wind energy generation projects. To achieve that, the System adopts the PDCA (“plan, do, check, act”).

The goals of Atlantic’s Sustainability Management System are:

  • To consolidate its integration to investment processes;
    To include the necessary tools to organize social and environmental commitments in Atlantic’s projects;
  • To ensure the alignment of Atlantic’s policies and procedures for risk and social and environment impact management with the demands of the funders of the company’s projects;
  • To ensure the alignment of Atlantic’s initiatives with International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standards and Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines, with Equator Principles III, with social and environmental regulations and laws, as well as with other public commitments made by the company.

Procedures to manage impact and social and environmental risks are applied along with other existing strategies of risk management in each stage of our projects. To accomplish that, Atlantic periodically reviews its procedures, incorporating aspects of social and environmental risk and impact to its enterprises’ lifecycle.

By doing that, Atlantic acknowledges, develops and implements the concept of ESG as an essential part of the organization and one of the pillars for the consolidation of its Mission, Vision and Values.