Sustainability policy

Atlantic’s sustainability policy defines guidelines that lead our way of working, managing business and promoting a corporate culture so that all collaborators share sustainability commitments in their daily routine.

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Compliance: To meet demands of applicable laws and regulations, as well as agreements and voluntary commitments undertook by Atlantic.

Relations with stakeholders: To act with ethics and respect for people and society, and to be always open to discussion with our internal and external public, in compliance with our code of conduct.

Relations with impacted communities: To promote transparency in activities developed with communities encompassed by our enterprises and contribute to the sustainable community development of regions where we operate.

Health and safety: To provide safe and healthy work conditions to our collaborators and employees and comply with all of Atlantic’s Health and Workplace Safety guidelines.

Environment: To promote a corporate culture which is consistent with environmental responsibility, fostering an environmental management that complies with Atlantic’s sustainability principles. To achieve that, our organizational culture:

  • Integrates respect for the environment and management of all environmental aspects in all stages of Atlantic’s businesses;
  • Assures compliance with all current laws, as well as with voluntary commitments taken on by the company and related to the environment, health and safety and social responsibility;
  • Manages the impact on biodiversity caused by our business’ activities, ensuring the preservation of natural resources and the conservation of the environment;
  • Manages and makes an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, promoting actions of emission reduction on Atlantic’s productive chain;
  • Ensure the proper procedures to prevent pollution and responsible waste management, stimulating the practice of recycling and reuse of material;
  • Promotes actions that contribute to nature conservation, human appreciation, respect for the unit, for diversity and for society in areas of influence of Atlantic’s businesses.

Risks and social and environmental impact: To identify and manage social and environmental risks of our current and future operations to eliminate, minimize or compensate potential negative impacts of our activities.

Sustainable use of energy resources: To stimulate the use of renewable sources, optimizing local and regional energy in our projects and meeting Atlantic’s sustainability principles.
Procedures and operational practices: To promote ongoing improvement in sustainability management, applying goals and performance indicators that prioritize:

  • The efficient use of natural resources and the minimization of waste emissions
  • Biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services
  • Conservation of cultural heritage

Suppliers: To promote the development of suppliers concerning sustainability and stimulate them to adopt practices to appreciate diversity and equity in the workplace and to privilege a good organizational climate.

Collaborators: To offer equal opportunities to all collaborators and job candidates, disseminate our culture and promote social and environmentally responsible practices to meet the principles of this policy.

Communication: To communicate this policy to all interested parties using the adequate means. To evaluate our performance systematically, regarding the commitments of this policy and to release such information in a precise and understandable way to society and to our target audience.