Project Gastro

Project Gastro is an initiative of Atlantic Renewable Energies and is part of the Historical Appreciation Program. Focusing on the families of the communities surrounding Wind Complex Morrinhos, in Campo Formoso, the project offers cooking workshops that teach how to produce and manipulate pasta, make salad dressings, cook the region’s typical delicacies as well as good practices and hygiene procedures stipulated by Anvisa (Agencia Nacional de Vigilancia Sanitaria). The workshops also address datasheets, cost composition of dishes and presentation.

The socioeconomic survey conducted by Atlantic identified a high number of housewives in the regions around the enterprise. Therefore, Project Gastro promotes alternatives that enable these families to improve their income, strengthens the sense of entrepreneurship and also appreciates local identity by using local native ingredients. Workshops are promoted periodically and Atlantic will produce a cookbook.

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