Sementeiros dos Ventos

Project Sementeiros dos Ventos’ objective is the preservation and use of crioula seeds by part of the rural communities located at the surroundings of Morrinhos Wind Complex, in Campo Formoso, Bahia. Crioula seeds are adapted to the region and have high genetic variability. They are also more resistant to the local climate and don’t require the use of pesticides, unlike commercial seeds. With that, the increase in crops’ productivity, the preservation of biodiversity and the reduction of costs of input for farmers are combined.

The initiative also comprises local farmers’ capacitation and the formation of crioula seed banks to share them with rural communities, aggregate different varieties and promote community bonds. Besides, Atlantic supports the installation of agroforestry systems that allow an increase in crop productivity by reducing erosion and providing organic matter to the soil.

Developed from an idea conceived at the communities, Sementeiro dos Ventos project is part of Atlantic Renewable Energies’s Historical Appreciation Program.

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