Rural Sanitation Program

Atlantic Renewable Energies develops a rural sanitation project in the city of Joao Camara, in Rio Grande do Norte. This action benefits around 128 houses in the communities of Sao Francisco, Bom Trabalho, Acussena and Maria da Paz, in the surroundings of the wind farms Eurus II and Renascenca V.

This initiative consists of taking an ecological sewage treatment system to houses which are not reached by public sewage system in order to deeply improve this population’s quality of life. This system does not consume energy neither uses chemical products, once organic matter is degraded by biological action.

Other advantages of this system are its easy installation and the creation of a single product – treated effluent, which reduces costs with septic tank cleaning trucks. Another important impact of this action is the clarification and cleaning of the streams that pass through the communities, providing clean water so that the benefitted families can also cultivate a productive backyard and plant vegetables to complement their income and eating options.

This initiative is developed with an incentive from Banco Nacional do Desenvolvimento Social (BNDES). Part of the resources of Atlantic’s wind farms’ financing in this region are directed to conception, development and implementation of projects according to local features, to contribute to the region’s social and economic development.

This initiative is also aligned with the United Nations’ Global Goals for development in fronts such as poverty eradication, drinking water and sanitation.