Environment is Identity Factor for CGN Group

Focus on clean, renewable and sustainable energy

Beyond a recognized brand in the energy industry, CGN Group has inherent values that define its identity. Clean, renewable and sustainable energy are assets of a company that collects innovative achievements throughout its history.

As an energy supplier, the company follows the highest standards of excellence, quality and safety in its actions, in order to ensure an innovative growth.

As a company that belongs to the CGN group, CGN Brazil Energy, follows the identity of the matrix and unites in a common effort for the generation of clean energy, using a continuous renewable electric system, through the combined development of society and sustainable way.

To fulfill its mission, the group has been committed to strengthening communication with global partners in order to promote technologies and foster the growth of the clean energy industry in the world.

Beside this, the company stands firm in supporting the sustainable development of local communities, job creation and economic contribution to society.