On Women’s Day, Atlantic shares uplifting stories

The date was made official in 1975 but its history is older

At Atlantic Renewable Energies we could not let International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8, go unnoticed. To honor the women of our team and all the others, we highlight the report of two employees of the company who, like many others, strive every day to do their best in the professional environment. 

Josiane Rodrigues is not only an Atlantic Occupational Safety and Environmental Technician, she is also a mother: “My biggest overcoming was my divorce. It was from there that I faced the challenges head-on, taking advantage of all the opportunities that life offered and has been offering me. I prioritize my best and greatest precious asset that life could have given me, my son Gustavo”, tells Josiane

Although she has unfolded in several functions, the employee, who joined Atlantic in 2016, during the implementation of one of the wind power complexes, has grown professionally and has overcome new challenges.

Amanda Gonçalves’ story is different. In 2017, she moved to Curitiba giving up her professional career in favor of her husband’s relocation to the job market and her son’s development. “I was pleased to conquer my safe harbor, the safety of my home and the protection of my family. I was very happy, but I felt that I was delaying my professional career, which I worked hard to achieve”. 

So in 2018, Amanda found Atlantic a new beginning. Although she did not know the wind energy segment, she took the opportunity as a challenge and today, after one year as an Operations Center Operator, she feels fulfilled with her decision. “It is very rewarding to be part of Atlantic that inspires me, with its values, to develop my tasks with professionalism and commitment”. 

Amanda comments on the challenges faced throughout her career analyzing that women have already conquered space in predominantly male work environments. “Currently, it is common to see women holding positions in the Electric Sector. Inner to women’s options, I chose to be a wife, a mother and have a career, facing adversities on a different scale and balancing all these interests is wonderful”.

We know Atlantic’s full of stories like Josiane and Amanda’s. Stories of women who overcome challenges and transform realities. We at Atlantic Renewable Energies admire each of these achievements and congratulate you all. Thank you for being part of our team. 


International Women’s Day was made official by the UN in 1975, but its history is older. The fight for gender equality has been going on since before the 19th century and is still very much alive today. With the advance of technology and dissemination of information, the discussion surrounding feminism has become much more open and present. Attitudes that used to be ignored are today a reason for discussion and reflection.