Atlantic forefront project ensures Wind Farms efficiency

Partnership with UFSC and IFSC assists power generation forecasting

When it comes to innovation Atlantic is always a step ahead. The company gets that climatology can directly influence the wind farms operation. For this reason, it has entered into a partnership with the aim of improving the seasonal forecast of its wind farms generation. 

The research, developed together with Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC) and Instituto Federal de Santa Catarina (IFSC), were applied in two operation farms: Morrinhos, in Bahia, which the land is considered complex, and Santa Vitória do Palmar, in Rio Grande do Sul, in a flat land.

The union has already brought important results through research focused on themes as wind predictions and climatological tendencies. This is a fundamental investment for the company’s evolution in terms of ensuring operational efficiency, higher quality of services and processes.

“We need to monitor the weather and understand its variations to see how it affects the performance of our projects, and thus seek to have a better forecast of our generation,” says Atlantic Dias R&D Manager, Eduardo Dias.

The new discoveries are essential to eolic sector evolution and mainly for Atlantic. The results are directly applied in the company’s ventures, which constantly make their data available and actively participate in analysis and investigation. Once again the company introduces itself as a trendsetter in the renewable energy market.  

Check out the infographic with raised analysis: 

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