Four Atlantic Wind Farms Earn the REC Brazil Certification

Program meets UN goals

Aligned with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the Campo Formoso I, Andorinha, Ventos dos Guarás and Sertão farms, from Morrinhos’ wind complex, are amongst the first five to obtain the REC Brazil certification.

Parques eólicos conquistam certificação REC Brazil


A joint initiative from Associação Brasileira de Energia Eólica (ABEEólica) and Associação Brasileira de Energia Limpa (Abragel), with CCEE, AABRACEEL and ABiogás support, the REC Brazil certification, managed by Totum institute, attends to renewable energy sources enterprises. 

Companies using the LEED certificate have shown a lot of interest in REC Brazil certifications. Data from Totum Institute shows that in 2019, 90% of those certificates were issued by Atlantic Energias.  

Recently redesigned, the program now requires companies to be in compliance with at least 5 of the 17 UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) before they can receive the certification.

Drafted in 2011, the program aims for fostering the high performance renewable sources in the sustainable energy generation market. 

Sustainability Certifications

In February, Atlantic Energias Renováveis, achieved for the second year in a row, the Environmental Highlight Certificate – Green Seal (Certificado de Destaque Ambiental – Selo Verde) for its good sustainable practices.

At the time, Lidiane Deoti, Atlantic’s sustainability manager, stressed that “the market’s acknowledgement of the good corporate sustainability management practices reinforces the effort made by the area team, which, year after year, brings new achievements to the company.”

According to Ana Carolina Molina, Energy Trading Manager at Atlantic Energias Renováveis, “the I-REC became a product with high added value regarding sustainability  and companies concerned about environmental issues have increased their demand for certificates. It’s a major change in business behavior that expands every day and brings tremendous value to brands.”

After Atlantic’s incorporation into CGN asset portfolio, held in early 2019, our focus now is to strengthen the company’s operations in the country and increasingly share projects in operation and implementation evolution with the market.